50 international movies to watch in 2020

Here is a list of 50 international movies to watch in 2020. While many of us restrict ourselves with regional cinema, international films have a great value within them. Indulge in the below list of 50 films from 23 different countries.

World Cinema – Who doesn’t love cinema here? Life is moving at a terribly faster pace. For the majority chunk of people out here – movies help us regain tranquility. While many are hooked up to their regional films, there are very few who dig through international films. There are many many international movies that tend to teach us life lessons and help us hold onto (if not get higher up) the ladder of life.

While many of the film buffs restrict themselves to Hollywood and their regional cinemas, I want to venture beyond that. Cinemas from various corners of the globe have the powers to help and heal a hurt and lost soul at the other end of the world. I find those international films and try to talk about that film in detail. The Art Muser is to act as a bridge in taking you to those hidden international films.

As one big step, Here is a list of world cinema that I enjoyed watching last year. The 50 films in this are ordered based on their country and not based on the content. I seldom believe in ‘ranking’ a film. If I find any of the movies available in any streaming platforms, I have added the necessary links to take you there. Check out the article and pour in your thoughts in the comments session. After all, discussions reveal much more than the film’s individual understandings.

Here is a list of 50 international films from 23 countries.

Let’s get going!!


1. Hearts and Bones

A war photographer is affected by serious panic attacks after serving his duty as an aid to capture the emotions, blood, deaths, and wins of a war. He is about to showcase his work. Just then, he is approached by a Sudanese cab driver.

He wants him to capture his African community. As the story proceeds, we understand the cab driver’s real intention, which leads to various conflicts between them. The film wins in terms of powerful performance and precise execution.

Hearts and bones poster
Hearts and bones poster


2. The movie of my life

Directed by Selton Mello, an actor-turned-director, this film is about a young man who, on his return from his abroad education, finds his father leaving their home place. On reaching home, he finds that his father has left him and his mother on their own and has left for his country.

Confused and shocked by this, the young man begins to search for reasons for his father’s disappearance. His quest takes him through various people through which he unravels the mystery behind. He finds his love in the course and discovers the true reason for his father’s leaving home.

the movie of my life poster
The movie of my life poster


3. American Dreams in China

This Chinese movie tells the tale of three friends whose lives take a drastic turn after they decide to make their living through teaching. They create a new international brand, and the movie showcases the sufferings and pains endured by those friends in both their personal and financial lives.

What happens when their English Language school gets so famous that they finally discuss making the company public forms the movie’s plot? The film comes from the same director who gave us the emotional drama – Dearest.

American Dreams in China poster
American Dreams in China poster


4. Sons of Denmark

Sons of Denmark starts as an inspection of the lives of the rebels of Denmark. A couple of friends’ activities land them a good amount of money but end up risking their lives to Denmark’s legal officials.

However, in the second act, the movie takes a huge turn and turns out to be a game of cat and mouse chase. The bright warm coloring only helps in explaining the harshness of the story in hand.

Apt choices of actors and an interesting screenplay ensure the brilliance of the movie.

Sons of Denmark poster
Sons of Denmark poster


5. The beaches of Agnes

The beaches of Agnes – this is a documentary that captures the life of the very talented Agnes Varda. Agnes Varda is considered as one of the important directors of the french cinema. She embraced the ‘New wave’ revolution that saw the French cinema’s face get a much-needed makeover.

She is one of the key players that led the world to experiment with the cinemas of France. This documentary tells us about the old age of Varda and the rememberings of her past. The movie helps us understand the fab of ‘Voila Varda’

Beaches of agnes poster
Beaches of agnes poster

6. Kirikou and the evil Sorceress

There is a french myth about the evil sorceress. This animated drama retells the tale in a new light. It has a small boy Kirikou through whom the entire village gets rid of the sorceress’s dangers. Much more, the little wins over the sorceress and makes her understand the beautiful soul of hers within.

This animation has a comical splash on it and is enjoyable for all ages. In the end, the power of hidden emotions is expressed just fine to give us a point to remunerate.

kirikou and the evil sorceress poster
kirikou and the evil sorceress poster

7. Vagabond

A young woman is found dead on the shores of a fitch. Why is the woman here? Has she been murdered? No, this is not an investigative thriller. Vagabond is a film by Agnes Varda, and you can expect something deeper than that. This is the story of a young girl who goes hitchhiking to various places to get a taste of life. She is bored with her lifestyle and seeks freedom. How does death get in sync with liberty? How does she manage to travel without much money in hand?

Look for this engaging tale of philosophy and life where a girl asks the questions each one of bury deep inside our souls. Agnes Varda portrays the wandering soul inside her through this beauty. Maybe Christopher McCandless got inspired by this tale for his adventure?

vagabond poster
vagabond poster

8. M

This one is for the romantic buffs out there. French cinema is well known for its romance. M is no different. It is a french romantic drama that deals with the lives of three people. It deals with lust, adolescence, and the burning sexual desire the age brings along. Like many of the French films, love is linked directly to physical closeness. Though the sex scenes are mostly unwanted in the movie, it helps set the tone for what is about to take place. A good story at the end is what makes the movie interesting.

m poster
m poster

9. Portrait of a lady on fire

Portrait of a lady on fire is an important movie in terms of film making. The movie defines how a story should be filmed, any story for that matter. The artistic approach the film takes throughout is a bliss to watch. There are very few films that give us satisfaction in seeing the filmmaking of such perfection. Every shot rings the exact bell and delivers the correct emotion. Though I am not a fan of how the story leads in the second and third acts, I was utterly surprised by the way the story was portrayed.

Portrait of a lady on fire - poster
Portrait of a lady on fire – poster


10. As We were Dreaming

Germany is one country that has suffered a lot, both physically and mentally, due to the harsh impacts of the wars and extreme Narcissism. The destruction of the Berlin wall paved the way for the people’s win. However, the impact is still seen around. The movie revolves around a group of teenagers who try to make a living after the destruction of the wall—their hurdles in trying to find solace amidst the worst ruins of Leipzig and starting a club. See the film for its energetic rawness.

As we were dreaming poster
As we were dreaming poster

11. The Bra

The Bra is a silent film from Germany. It might sound strange when we hear the movie is dialogue-less. Yes, for a running time of 90 minutes, the film uses no words throughout. Yet the movie marks a poignant poetical journey and establishes excellent screenplay. It deals with a retired train driver who finds a bra inside his cabin. The little piece of cloth has got in his driver cabin during his final service as a driver. He goes on a journey to find out the woman to whom the bra belongs. This film is a comical and fulfilling journey that cools us down from our troubling routine.

The bra poster
The bra poster


12. Little England

Little England talks about the lives of two sisters – it traverses from childhood to adulthood and spins an exciting tale of love, sisterhood, and betrayal. A single secret shatters the trustful bond that the sisters build throughout their youth.

The film travels from their childhood attraction to their old age, where things don’t remain the same. The entire film is mostly shot on the islands of Greece and is a beauty to watch.

little england poster
little england poster

13. Holyboom

Holyboom, a movie from Greece, conveys a story of four different people who get affected by an event. Young lovers who try to make money through certain shortcut activities, a mother with her child trying to find her passport to identify her husband’s body in the mortuary, a young boy who gets mischievous and an old woman all depend on something which connects them together. What exactly is that? How that single incident changes their lives completely forms the plot of this slow-paced thriller.

holyboom poster
holyboom poster


14. X – The exploited

X-The exploited is one of the finest international thrillers in this list. ‘X- the exploited’ is a well-knit whodunnit that explores the series of crimes that shatter the lives of the people in Hungary. The two detectives, united by chance, unite to solve the murder that happens very early in the movie.

However, one of the detective, Eva, is now settled on her desk job due to her repeated panic attacks. However, she senses that there is a serial killer in action through her excellent examinations and predictions. Their journey in identifying the killer forms the rest of this exciting movie. Noir lovers – Just don’t miss this movie.

x - the exploited poster
x – the exploited poster

15. The Troupe

The Troupe talks about the lives of stage actors. It tries to convey to us the hardships faced by the acting troupes in a society. It also explores the relationship between the various members of a troupe – The fights for the characters, the disputes among the leadership, the debate on stories, and the love relations among the artists.

The plot revolves around a soldier who joins an acting troupe after having a fistfight. He joins the Troupe illegally to escape from the officials. What happens in the Troupe with his addition? How he escapes from the officials and settles on with his new group forms the remaining part of the story. Part comical and part drama, this Hungarian film is worth a watch.

The troupe poster
The troupe poster


16. Virgin Mountain

Virgin Mountain – A man in his mid 40’s lives a simple life with his mother. He has never had a girlfriend in his life. The reason, he believes, is that he is huge and people are afraid of his size. As the movie runs, we find this to be exactly false. Fusi, the virgin man, is one of the sweetest and helping people you could ever encounter. His life takes a turn when he meets a middle-aged woman who takes a liking to him and keeps getting closer to him.

As they plan to live together, his girlfriend feels she has been too fast and thinks she is not ready for another affair. Fusi, for his kind heart, accepts her argument and moves back to his home. Next, the events display a delicate soul in the huge mountain figure of Fusi and how he sacrifices many more for making her ex-girlfriend get over her depression.

Virgin mountain poster
Virgin mountain poster

17. The County

The County from Iceland is a story of a woman farmer’s struggle to win against a corrupt corporate regime. After her husband’s suspicious death, the wife gradually gets used to the life of a widower.

When she slowly understands the mystery behind her husband’s death, she decides to take action. What happens as she unveils the dominating power of a corporate that determines the fate of all the local farmers forms an interesting plot.

The county poster
The county poster


18. Badla

The brilliant combo of Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee reunite in this crime drama. The story happens in a single room as a conversation between a lawyer and the client. The client narrates her version of what happens to the lawyer.

However, the lawyer is not stupid enough to believe every word of his client. He asks the magical questions and makes his client reveal much more than she expected. Is she guilty or not? – forms the rest of the plot.

The film scores in many places – acting, screenplay, and directing, to say a few. The climax could have been better written. It felt forced and unacceptable. However, the overall suspense is handled perfectly, and it makes for a neatly taut thriller.

19. To let

This film from TamilNadu won many appreciations. The film was showcased in many film festivals across the world and gathered positive applauds. It tells the tale of a young couple who are struggling to meet their ends meet.

They work hard to keep their rented house safe. But, as happens with most of the middle-class families, the expenses spike every time they try to keep it under control. The film takes its inspiration from the legendary director Balu Mahendra’s Veedu.

20. Peranbu

Peranbu is one film that sits so close to my heart. There are very few directors like Ram, who can mix emotional magic and pure reality on screen. Peranbu talks about a single father who has to take care of her autistic girl child. The struggles he faces from society while living with his daughter becomes intolerable at one stage. He decides to move to a place that is devoid of humans.

However, things get complicated when his daughter reaches puberty and now suffers without any aid of women around. He now has to reevaluate his condition and adapt his lifestyle to help his daughter grow into a woman in this society. Mega Star Mamooty and Sadhana, the autistic daughter, steal the show from the first frame till the last. Peranbu is a meditation on compassion and human relationships.

21. Photograph

Photograph – An Indian drama about a street photographer who makes his living by photographing the visitors coming to monuments. On one such day, he photographs a beautiful yet shy woman. She runs away after getting the photo from him without paying for it. His grandmother is looking for a bride to marry him. He, with no belief in marrying, postpones the idea.

One day, she comes to his home and asks him to marry then or else she might die. He gives her the photograph of the woman he took on the other day and says to her that he wants to marry her. What happens next forms the rest of the film. Coming from the director of ‘The Lunchbox’, this movie created a lot of hope. However, though a good film, on the whole, this could never near the previous film of his.

Photograph poster

22. Asuran

The deadly combo of Dhanush and Vetrimaran is back with the perfect revenge film. The movie is a testimony of why Vetrimaran is one of the best screenplay writers of this generation. His unique style of crossing over the various episodes of the plot across multiple periods and interweaving them at points unexpected has hit the chord with the audience. Dhanush, as usual, produces an excellent performance as Sivasamy.

As a father who gives his life to save his son, he outshines himself from ‘Vada Chennai’ and holds the responsibility of carrying the story on his shoulder. After his elder son gets killed in a political caste fight, he now has to save his second son from the goons. Watch this powerful revenge story.

23. Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe is a unique film. It tells us four different tales. A married woman has sex with her ex-lover who gets killed in the process. She and her husband try to cover the crime and bury the body safely. A group of young boys try to gain money illegally and get caught. They now have to perform a job in order to get cash for a crime they committed. One of the boy’s mother is a porn actress. As he sees her in a porn film, he decides to take action. Her husband, (ever-adorable Myssikin), is a saint who provides spiritual help to people in trouble.

Last but not least, a man who gets converted into a woman. His wish for the underlying desire gets him to do the operation. What happens with his wife, his son, and the lovable society? This is a film that speaks more than what the story warrants. Vijay Sethupathi is the ultimate star of the movie, giving a terrific performance as Shilpa. The film from Kumararaja is a must-watch for cinema admirers.

Super deluxe poster
Super deluxe

24. Virus

We are now in the middle of a deadly world Pandemic in the name of COVID-19. Kerela, known in India as the ‘God’s own country’, suffered a great panic of the deadly Nipah virus in the year 2018. The virus, infected to humans from the fruit-bearing bats, took 16 lives in the course of a month.

However, the state of Kerala handled the case exceptionally well and contained the spread within days. The movie Virus, released in 2019, is based on this period of the Nipah virus attack. The film explores the human emotions along with its gripping storyline.

Virus poster

25. Jiivi

Jiivi, in Tamil, means intelligence. The lead character of the movie, Saravanan, is a person who believes in practical knowledge rather than useless theoretical understanding. He takes an interest in things that are unknown to him and tries to learn possible uses as a takeaway from the book. After a quick love failure, he realizes the need to be rich and decides to use the opportunity to steal jewels from his landlady’s house.

However, things take an unexpected turn when unrelated events begin to happen around him. His curiosity makes him understand a term – The concept of Triangular theory. He identifies a relationship between the vents happening now and those that occurred in the past. From here on, the story gets a huge steep and ends up as a refreshing thriller.


26. Crazy Castle/rook

Crazy castle (or Crazy rook, as some call it) is an interesting thriller with an engaging plot. Two friends end up doing a crime owing to their temptation for a big amount in a bet with a fellow group from the club. And to make things more complicated, they have left behind a key piece of evidence.

With the police keenly investigating the crime and a blackmailer asking them money, the friends and the other group have to find a way to get out of this trap. There are some genuine twists in the tale that are sure to reimagine the whole movie from a completely new perspective. A finely crafted thriller that is for sure to keep you hooked up.

Crazy castle poster
Crazy castle

27. Fifi howls from happiness

Bahman Mohassess, a Persian artist, is the subject of Iranian filmmaker Mitra Farahani’s charming documentary “Fifi Howls from Happiness”. He is known as the “Persian Picasso”. This documentary is special because the artist has known for trying to destroy as much of his art as he could do.

The film shows us early on that Mohassess paintings and sculptures regularly command prices in the hundreds of thousands of Euros at European art houses. It captures the lifestyle of Bahman and his loneliness. Despite the challenges and problems, he manages to keep a smile on his face. That smile remains with us long after the film gets over.

Fifi howls from happiness poster
Fifi howls from happiness

28. Where are my shoes?

Probably one of my favorite international movies from Iran – Where are my shoes? An old man begins to forget about himself and his past owing to the Alzheimer’s disease. He is living alone, taken care of by a nurse, and his brother’s daughter. However, they have their own lives to look after, and hence they decide to call up his wife. His daughter and wife, who abandoned him long back, come back to take care of him.

Will they reunite with the man who remembers only his daughter’s childhood and the anger towards his life? Will their presence help him heel? The movie subtly handles the emotions, never being so dramatic yet conveying what exactly is needed. The movie believes that hope, even if it cannot change things, can help us reach peace and understanding.

Where are my shoes poster
Where are my shoes

29. Zero Floor

Zero Floor, another Iranian film on this list, is a story of a couple trying to get their child’s dead body from the hospital. After struggling to come to terms in their marriage, the couple decided to split themselves and live separately.

The child gets to live the mother as always. But a twist of the tale gets into their life, and they lose their child to cardiac surgery. Now, the father wants to bury his child in his homeplace. But the mother is reluctant that they bury him elsewhere. Who succeeds and what happens next forms the plot of the movie.

Zero Floor poster
Zero Floor

30. Highlight

‘Highlight’ is an interesting movie from Iran. It opens up with a couple admitted to a hospital after an accident. However, we come to know that the man and the woman are not married to each other. As their spouses come to the hospital to understand why they were together, both the patients move to a coma.

The tragedy strikes both of them hard. The film is a mixture of emotional conflicts between the strangers who try to find about their spouses’ relationship. The movie, on the whole, is an exploration of human emotion.

Highlight poster


31. Black’47

Black ’47 from Ireland implores the venting out of the hidden anger of a young man. The movie happens in the year of 1847 in Ireland at the times of the Great Famine. It follows the return journey of Feeney after he serves as a British ranger in India. However, he finds his family and home completely destroyed by the worst effects of the famine. As he plans to move to America with his sister-in-law, he gets arrested in a fight and now has the entire British army chasing him. They kill his sister-in-law.

As he begins to take revenge on the people responsible for his family’s death, the wild chase for finding him begins. It reunites his ranger friend Hannah who is assigned to catch Feeney. Will he escape them and move to America as planned? Will Hannah catch Feeney? The rest of the film answers these questions. The movie gripping and perfectly paced to watch through at a go.

Black'47 poster


32. Our Father

This is a story about how a man joins hand with a gangster to collect money for his wife’s treatment. Rahamim loves his wife, and when they are unable to have a child, the doctor suggests the fertility treatment to be done for his wife. As always, those treatments require a lot of money. Rahamim, with his work as a bouncer, is never gonna get that money.

As fate meets him with a small-time gangster, he decides to work for him to make some quick money. When he manages to get the money for his wife’s treatment, he decides to quit. However, all is not easy for him. What happens next is a thrilling twist of tales. Did he come out of the gang? Did his wife have a treatment? Watch this movie where the conflicts lead the plot to be extremely palpable.

Our Father poster
Our Father

33. The day after I’m gone

A journey between happiness and sadness – The day after I’m gone tries to explore the problems faced by a depressed teenager. It is a father’s mission to make her daughter come out of her depressing life and suicidal thoughts. The film could have been stronger if it progressed towards a solid reinvention of life. But the film sticks to reality. A helpless, lonely father tries to help his daughter by making things further worse. In the end, there is no concrete solution, and their lives remain unaltered. But the film wins in portraying a true to life coping, which is mostly event less.

The day after I'm gone poster
The day after I’m gone


34. Masquerade Hotel

Masquerade Hotel from Japan is based on the novel under the same name by Keigo Higashino. A great fan of his crime stories, the expectation from the movie skyrocketed. And true to his nature, the story is gripping. What I further loved in the movie is how it combines suspense, love, and humor to keep us engaging until the very end. One other film, Knives Out, highly reminded me of this movie.

The plot revolves around a detective who reaches a hotel to investigate a case of serial killing. The team identifies the hotel as the killer’s next target and plans to avert the same. The obvious challenge – They have no clue on who the victim is and who the killer is. Did they manage to find the killer? Was the killer caught before finding his target? Engage in this stylish whodunnit.

Masquerade Hotel poster
Masquerade Hotel

35. Bento Harassment

‘Bento Harassment’ is a funny movie on how a mother teaches her daughter life lessons through her daily lunches. Bento is a type of meal with rice, vegetables, pickles, and momos all kept together in a single meal box. The mother arranges them in designs that hint her daughter’s vulnerabilities. She gets teased by her friends, and in fear of getting teased further, she gradually begins to obey her mother. The movie plays through the emotions of a mother, father, daughter, son, and lover. In the end, a happy ending gives the viewers a nice feeling to take home.

Bento's harrasment
Bento’s harrasment

36. Shoplifters

The Palm De’ Ore winner of 2019 – This, as usual, piped my interest in the movie. It revolves around the lives of a family who indulges in shoplifting – the term for stealing items by distracting the buyers’ focus and acting as buyers. A small girl-child gets added to the family. How does her addition impact their lives? The movie believes in its strong twist. What is their hidden mystery? Though I felt the movie a little boring in many places, it should be a favorite for many. The twist might take you into a deep thought trap.

Shoplifters poster

37. 12 Suicidal teens

12 suicidal teens – Don’t worry if this reminds you of the 12 angry men movie. In a way, this is a modern retake on the concept that 12 angry men put forth. A group of 12 teenagers meets together to end their lives. They have signed up a Suicide pact online according to which they are to meet together and end their lives. However, as they arrive at the eerie abandoned hospital, they find a 13th person whose dead body occupies one of the 12 beds. They now fear that a murderer is amongst them and begin to investigate the crime.

Who is the killer? What happens after they find the killer? Did they execute their originally intended plan? The film answers these questions in a well-designed thriller. Well, you’ll understand the 12 angry men analogy once you watch the film. So, keep your fingers crossed.

12 suicidal teens poster
12 suicidal teens

38. The House where the mermaid sleeps

One of my personal favorites in this list – The house where the mermaid sleeps is a Japanese movie. The film tells us the story of a mother who is determined to bring her daughter back from being brain dead. There are very few movies where I have cried for the character in action. This movie tops the list. The entire theatre was sad when the lights were at last turned on as the title credits began rolling.

Who is the killer? What happens after they find the killer? Did they execute their originally intended plan? The film answers these questions in a well-designed thriller. Well, you’ll understand the 12 angry men analogy once you watch the film. So, keep your fingers crossed.

The house where the mermaid sleeps poster
The house where the mermaid sleeps


39. Parasite

Well, this international movie is going to be on any film list you ever see. ‘Parasite’, ‘parasite’, and ‘Parasite’ – It has to be the word of the year 2019. (well, at least film word of the year). Winner of the Palm D’Ore, winner of the Academy Awards, it has a lot of feathers on its cap. I would rather not say much about this movie here. But, what makes this movie a hit – both commercially and critically – is its screenplay. It is one of the very few international films that has made its way to The Oscars’ Best film category and the first international film to win an award.

A story that would have been made to look so documentary-like ends up as entertaining. Yes, you’ll laugh at many places, feel the surprise of the thrills, get shocked at various points, and feel heartened by the situation of low-class Korean people. The success of the film lies in its packaging. It acts as a powerful, entertaining drama – an example of how balancing the films can be made without compromising the quality of the story in hand.

Parasite poster


40. The Insult

The Insult is a courtroom drama that delivers an intense conflict between two communities. An insignificant incident between a Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian refugee turns into communal trauma. The captivating film focuses on the hidden tension that exists even now in those communities. Though the events that happened in the past are long gone, the heart of the people still believes in the pains of history. The film is terrifying on all fronts, the writing, acting, direction, and cinematography. Nominated for the Oscars under Best Foreign film, this movie stands tall with its stunning screenplay, which hits us hard at the end. This is one international movie that every aspiring film maker should see.

The Insult poster
The Insult


41. Witkin & Witkin

Witkin & Witkin – The real-life documentary of the two twins who dedicated their 80 years of lives for the enhancement of art. One brother becomes a celebrated photographer while the other spends his life as an artist painting unique pictures. Despite the great talents they have, both have lived alone for most of their lives. They seldom see or talk with each other. On very rare meetings, they try to move away from each other as fast as possible. Why do two of the most celebrated art creators on this planet not share their love for art together? Watch this well-curated life history and development of both the artists and their hatred to stay away from each other as far as possible.

Witlin and Witkin poster
Witlin and Witkin


42. Beside Me

Beside Me is a film from Romania. It is an experimental film that analyses the human nature of bonding and dependency for survival. Many of us seldom speak in our daily commutes. What happens when in one of the commutes, the train (underground Metro) stops. You begin to notice the people around you. You start to hear their stories. You come up with your story. It is a beautiful film that captures the essence of sharing and communication in a tightly knit screenplay.

Beside Me poster
Beside Me


43. Despite the Fog

‘Despite the fog’ tries to tell us a story of a refugee. It seeks to balance itself between portraying the lives of the refugees and the struggles of a mother who has lost her child. Mohammed, a small boy, gets himself lost while in a foreign land – he is adopted by a couple who have lost their son a few months ago. The mother tries to imagine the boy to be lost son Marco. She doesn’t wish that boy to be Mohammed but rather make the boy believe he is Marco.

The film tries to tackle this emotional conflict. Also, the other part tries to focus on the problems faced by the couple from society in adopting a refugee. The open ending of the film only increases the inquisitive nature of the movie. .In the end, you are left wanting for more. Yet, the movie succeeds in providing a satisfying story.

Despite the fog poster
Despite the fog


44. Kathaah@8

Stories@8 is an experimental film from Singapore. This is a collection of 8 short stories happening at various ends of the country. The movie is shot in eight different languages, each one corresponding to the place where the story occurs. Though the attempt is seldom new, the way the film is handled is absolutely refreshing. All the stories are portrayed as conversations between two or more characters about things you hardly see people conversing in their daily lives.

A couple deciding to save money for their old age homes, a middle-aged woman deciding to divorce her husband and live under the same roof for her children, a young man asking the girl’s father-in-law about his intention to marry her are a few examples of how such unconventional subjects form the base of the film’s plot. I truly recommend this movie for all film buffs. The film deals with something unique and powerful.

Kathaah@8 poster


45. Tlamess

Now, Tlamess is a movie I would not recommend everyone to watch. This movie is heavily inspired by the classic movie’ 2001 – A space odyssey’. Now, don’t get to the thinking that it’s a Sci-Fi film that might confuse you as much as Stanley Kubrick’s film did. There are places where the director pays tribute to my most favorite director in various places. This movie takes in the cues from the former and applies them to its own story.

It’s a simple story of a young soldier who escapes from the military and runs into the woods to escape from their capture. However, the film complexes itself into a new terrain that stands unfathomable, creepy illogical, irritating, and fascinating throughout its journey. That said, I won’t say this movie is one of the best films on the list. But, in fact, this is the most unique movie in the whole list. It is overambitious and turns out to be over ambiguous.

Tlamess poster


46. Homeward

Homeward is a story about a father who goes on a dangerous road trip with his son to bury his other dead son in the Crimean Islamic tradition. From the beginning of the movie where the father collects his boy’s dead body from the morgue, there are many hurdles as he tries to reach his homeplace. To make matters further complicated, he and his younger son are not in a good relation.

The boy hates his father and accompanies him on this journey for the sake of his brother. Does he manage to bury his son? Whether he gets on terms with his other son forms the rest of the plot. The film made its debut in the Un Certain Regard in Cannes 2019.

Homeward poster


47. Ad Astra

Ad Astra – A tale of how a son goes into space in search of his lost father. Brad Pitt plays the role of an ever-silent meditator, who works as an astronaut. He lost his father, who was also an astronaut and his inspiration, on a journey to Neptune. The whole crew of that mission lost contact and assumed dead. Strangely, after many years, they get a threatening signal from Neptune, which the scientists believe comes from the spaceship of their father’s.

Brad Pitt now has to speak with his father and determine the reason for his disappearance and the reason he tries to destroy life on earth. But it turns into a voyage that will make his perspective on life change completely. It is a slow-moving movie that might hit a chord with a few who like themselves to let them into the movie’s space.

Ad Astra poster
Ad Astra

48. Glass

M. Night Shyamalan’s take on the meaningless superhero movies that come out every year and steal the hard-earned money of all film fans. Glass is the third and final part of his superhuman trilogy. He began his quest to make a meaningful superhuman movie with his ‘Unbreakable’. Coming after ‘The Sixth sense’ that made many movie buffs his fans, Shyamalan hit the chord again with a similar suspense treatment in that movie. His methodology of making the characters to be real-life human beings made ‘Unbreakable’ a great watch.

He lost track after that movie and came back to another superhero movie in 2016 called ‘Split’. His knack of taking a slow building up of suspense worked well after a long time in ‘Split’. None in their dreams would have expected Split to be a sequel to ‘Unbreakable’. But the climax gave a glimpse of a relation between the two. And then, in 2019, we had the most improbable sequel of the two films’ Glass’. The movie united all three superheroes/villains and became the most interesting film of Shyamalan for a long time. Re-watching his films in order will give insights to his brilliant methodology of film making.

Glass poster

49. Somewhere to disappear

Somewhere to disappear is a documentary that takes us through the solitary lifestyles of people who move on to live in remote places in America after getting bored in the city lifestyle. We follow the hero, Alec, on his search for men who live on the margins of society. He searches for people who ran away from their natural environment, to find their own world. As modern-day hermits, they find peace in unaffected places of the country.

Some live in a cabin in the mountains while others live in a dark cave while others live in the expansive desert. He wants to find out why they live like this: did they deliberately make this choice? Do they regret it? What are they really looking for? Did they find it? Does living a secluded life provide the peace they wish for? Many of those hermits have animal friends (if I can call it that) and build a strong companionship. It is a strong film emphasizing on the philosophical meanings of life.

Somewhere to disappear poster
Somewhere to disappear

50. Knives Out

‘Knives Out’ is one of its kind whodunit movies. The comical thriller treatment of the film has worked like magic. An old man is found dead in his house on the morning after his birthday party. His family had gathered together the previous day to celebrate his birthday. Shocked on the death, they quickly come to know that he had committed suicide.

However, enter the detective Blanc into the scene, and he suspects it to be murder because it looks like perfect suicide from many perspectives. The way the investigation leads on is a pleasantly surprising one. In spite of knowing what happened, the story is interesting with twists till the last scene. The humor-filled investigation, perfectly aided by its vibrant, candy-colored cinematography, is a delight to watch and re watch.

Knives out poster
Knives out

50 international movies- In a nutshell

The above list is purely personal. These are the international movies that I saw in the past few months and found interesting. The films are ordered based on the countries and not based on the content. Some might find some of the films in list as not interesting and that is the personal opinion of the individuals.

While you are musing on, do let a comment on the other movies that can join this list. Movies from the suggestions can be taken for analysis too 🙂

50 international movies
50 international movies to watch in 2020

While good films aid us in learning more about life and our true character, there are equally boring and unimpressive films that pull us down. However, one solid point to be noted is that every film is a piece of art. The movie might not have got the connect from our end, but it is a art that demands appreciation (well, most of them). With that being said, The Art Muser will never negatively criticize a movie . The sole intention here is to find out those hidden (not always) gems of movies that we must see and let out the appreciation.

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